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In 1986, in Pernambuco, a company was born that today is a reference in animal nutrition in the Northeast of Brazil: Nutrivale Pet Food.

This company, genuinely from Pernambuco, which started as an agricultural retailer, today has its own distributor and a pet food industry that is dedicated to producing feed with high nutrition and quality for your pet.

 In 2008, we inaugurated our food industry for dogs and cats, with a view to develop products of excellence and unique quality to feed our beloved pets, with an international standard of production.

With food for dogs and cats in the Premium, Special Premium and Super Premium categories, we have a wide range of products, with the most varied flavors, to fascinate your beloved pet. Our brands are Raça Dog, Raça Cat, Evolut, Provence, Nutrigula and Natufresh, products with high palatability, able to conquer the most select pet loves.

Marking a large presence in the Brazilian market, our products are available for sale in all states in the North and Northeast of Brazil.

Aiming to further expand this market, Nutrivale Pet Food expanded its sales beyond borders, also establishing a presence in the most diverse countries in the world, through exports, bringing love and affection to pets around the world.

With more than 15 years of experience in the production of food for dogs and cats, Nutrivale Pet Food is located in the state of Pernambuco, in Brazil, with a privileged location for being close to the International Port of Suape, which connects our State to more than 250 ports around the world.

Regarding expansion, Nutrivale Pet Food is one of the most successful and recognized companies in the animal nutrition segment in the North and Northeast of Brazil, also operating in the international market. last 4 decades.

We understand that to gain the valuable trust of customers, it is essential to deliver the best quality products. For this, we use the most modern equipments, having a largely automated industry, always performing quality checks to ensure that the best in animal nutrition is delivered to our customers. In addition to excellent products, we use high standard packaging capable of storing pet food in the best possible way and winning over the customer with a simple look.

All this is the result of hard work and dedication to offer the best to our customers.

Nutrivale Pet Food, feeding your beloved pet.

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